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"Really Dark Sword"
You're Hired. Now go make Dark Souls IV.
Anyone like to adjust the example to +10 Corvian Scythe gets B dex A/A? It just says Corvian + 0 E lmao.
"Ouch, there goes my healthbar" -anyone
Fun fact: at base str/dex and 9 int/9 fth Dark deals more damage than Deep when infused on most +4 weapons. So Deep is basically useless, even at low levels/weapon upgrades.
You have to get pretty far in game to even get the coal in order to infuse a weapon with dark
this is one of the hardest gems to farm in game, I use to farm this on dragon barracks bridge where you can find two pussyman, I have 615item discovery, SL 120, 99 luck, two crystal rapiers, gold ring+3, mimic helm and rusted gold coin. I can finish within 30secs every run with chaos twin sellsword, I swear you can get only titanite chunks, embers and usually large titanite.
How about you try on the ringed city ladder? 6 harald dummies to farm the gem and you can sell their stuff for a decent amount of souls
Yeah I bet you can finish in 30 seconds you stud.
Guy from 2nd April 2020, I believe this dude. I tried it with Demon Scar, it can deal with them pretty easy. Managed to kill both within a minute or less on NG+6.
Just got a Dark Gem at High Wall from the first Pus of Man.
well your not gonna be able to use it until irithyll dungeon
Can you buff a dark infused weapon with dark blade?
you can't buff any infused weapons, period.
through tumblebuffing, yes
you can buff weapons with heavy, sharp, or refined.
also hollow, no?
buffable:no infusion,raw,sharp,heavy,hollow
someone tell me please which is better, to have an infused weapon (like dark, chaos) or to have a buffed weapon (like Carthus' Flame Arc or Dark Blade)? I'm running a pyromancer with 28 str and 40 int 40 fth. And have 3 slots of magic.
With 40/40 Faith/Int you’re gonna want to be infusing your weapons with dark and chaos.
bruh no buff ur weapon and infuse it with heavy, sharp, or refined.
28 str... Def heavy with cartgus flame arc.. already wasted the points in str and choas/infuse soft caps at 30/30... You'll get much better ar with heavy gem and buff
this has nothing to do with infusion weapons but what is everyone's favourite weapon?
Lothric knight sword
Bonewheel shield
Call me boring, but caestus
Harald Curved Greatsword, just wish it didn't look like it had feces and pubic hair all over it.
Big fan of the plow
Every Big Weapon
Either great scythe or the witch's locks
BKGA of course, been using it since ds1
Executioner's Greatsword. I don't know why, but it speaks to me
I'm new to the game so havent tried much but the exile GS and astora straightsword have been fun
Broken Straight Sword
I beat ds1 first playthrough with the black knight greatsword... so yeah. That'smy favorite weapon.
I'm probably the only one but I really like the basic longsword that you get when you do the knight start
really enjoy weapons like moonlight greatsword or demon's scar, those are always fun
Sharp Lucerne + Leo Ring. Excellent for careful "rustic" play, and has a running attack with good forward momentum for chasedown.
soldering iron, what other option is there?
soldering iron, what other option is there?
crescent moon sword, demon scar or spiked mace
Frayed Blade cause I'm weeb