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Spells in Bloodborne were better than this meme.
Arcane's only, and I mean ONLY worth, is for the Phantasm Shell, and Holy Moonlight Blade scaling. The spells were complete garbage. Besides, DS3 is twice the game that BB is.
Burial Blade scaled with Arcane too, but the HMB is hands down the most OP weapon in the game.
Is this bait? BB had no customization. Leveling arcane made your weapon exactly the same only it did fire damage. The only spell acts the exact same way the gun does with minimal damage
What is the best start weapon for a str/faith build?
Heavy Greataxe with lightning blade, Morne's Hammer, Lightning Lothric Knighting Greatsword, Heavy Claymore with lightning blade.
Thank you!



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Those are not things you can get from the start. And unless you want your online experience to die, Morne's Hammer is not a choice until way later.
For an early game you have astora straight sword can be found in high wall of lothric right above the estus shard
Can someone fix the: "soft cap at 40 faith" *next line down* "soft cap is at 60 faith"
below: imminent Faith build explanation.
Faith build explanation: First things first, you have two catalyst types, both used for different situations. Chimes and Talismans. Chimes typically have more spellbuff (your damage calculator) and come with the Gentle Prayer weapon arte (regen), they're best used for ranged attacks, buffs and the passive regen from the WA. Talismans tend to have less spellbuff than Chimes, but for a reason, they have a WA called Unfaltering Prayer which lets you cast a spell with poise so you won't be stunned. Each Talismanhas a different poise amount on Unfaltering Prayer, Sunlight Talisman has the highest poise, but lowest damage (use only when being ganked by 3 or 4 players), Canvas Talisman has the 2nd highest poise and great damage (best foe general use up till lv 50 fth), The Talisman has the 3rd highest poise and great damage (better than Canvas at 50+ fth) and Saint's Talisman has lowest poise out of them all, but highest damage (best used against light weapons like straight swords). on any build early game it's best to go all in on vgr and use raw infusion, for your miracles you'll be forced to use Lightning Spear as offense until Lightning Stake in the Catacombs, replenishment (hp regen) is a great early game spell and heal for burst heals. Force is always situationally useful for crowd control and gravity insta-deaths if you hit them off a cliff, just face the way you want them to fly. *I'll continue later*
You'll go all in on vgr till about lv 20-25 vgr, then start raising fth to 30. Once 30 fth start raising atn as needed (probably cap at 30) while bringing fth and vgr to 40. Stop vgr at 40, keep raising fth to 60-70, the other stats are uo to you. At 40+fth you can start using lightning infusion, at 60+ fth you cn use blessed infusion. Blessed infusion gives hp regen, the hp tick rate depends on your weapon or shield upvrade level.
There are, alternatively, the physical infusions for if you're investing in str and/or dex. These will land you higher damage than lightning/Blessed if you use a weapon buff like Lightning Blade, but they have to be reapplied. I prefer elemental infusion.
Mid- late game spells include projected heal, bountiful light/replenishment, lightning stake, great lightning spear/lightning arrow, lightning storm/wrath of the gods and maybe lightning blade of that's your build.
Same guy as below, for an end-game faith build: 60-70 fth depending on your build, 30-40 atn depending on your build, always 40 vgr, 45 dex if your build allows, Yorshka's chime for ranged casts and weapon buffing with elemental spells, The regular Talisman for poise casting (so you dont get interrupted during a cast, best for close combat offence spells and healing as heals take time and stamina and closecombat gets you interrupted) during ordinary pvp, Canvas Talisman or Sunlight Talisman (Sunlight as a last resort as the damage suffers) against ganks of 3 or more people. The best spells you'll want are Lightning Storm as your aoe, Bountiful Light for self regen, Projected Heal for Healing, Lightning Arrow for ranged cast, Lightning Stake for close combat and Sunlight Spear as an additional close combat option, but don't sacrifice Lightning Stake for it as Lightning Stake is easier to land. Any weapon will work Lightning infused at 60+ fth, blessed infusion is viable at 60+ fth too and comes with hp regen based on your weapon upgrade level. Rings are dependant on your build, common ones on faith builds are Morne's Ring, Ring of the Sun's Firstborn, Sage ring, Lightning Clutch Ring (very situational as it lowers absorption for very minimal damage increase in pvp, in pve you get the full effect so it works wonders while still taking your defence down a lot) and the Prisoner's Chain/Ring of Favor are a staple for all builds.
I’m doing a sl50 pure faith build (ChaseTheBro’s top 3 invasion builds). I have the exact same stats as him yet his stats says he has 15 more faith (I have 25 he has 40). Is there any explanation for this? He also doesn’t have the faith ring
maybe he didn't farm, but used cheat engine to get the right stats, and miscalculated?
I don’t know. I just went to SL65 for the levels. Might have to change weapon reinforcement though
Prisoners chain adds +5 to vigor, endurance and vitality. He prob uses that
Prisoners Chain ring will boost other stats by 5. So if he has 3 lower by 5 there's 15 he could put into this at same SL
I love how everyone suggest pc when op clearly said 15 more “faith”
to the guy saying its not prisoners chain, chase has 15 extra points into faith because OP put that 15 into VIG END and VIT.


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Prisoner's chain
Why is fire link great-sword on this list. It doesn't have a faith requirement at all


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With the weapon art you get a faith scaling ;)
you faith builds have so much good sh*t, you guys can go with anything, while us sorcerers are only powerful with full dedication, and we're kicked while we're down in the lore and in gameplay ;_;
haha loser