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Smith And Wesson XD
POV: it’s your first time playing dark souls. First run through, completely blind. You thought you’d get it for the switch during quarantine. You have no clue when the next bonfire will be (but nothing can be worse than Sens Fortress, right?). After rolling your way past the New Londo archers like a coward you say hello to the sunbro, proceed to have two phantoms carry you since you have no clue what’s going on, and then when you cross the boss fog you see ... a thiqq lad and lord gwyn’s fursona. You know you now have a new favorite boss fight.

I would love to relive this moment a thousand times. The cutscene of O&S isn’t much but my first impression of the characters made it 10x better. Playing dark souls for the first time is awesome. Especially without understanding the lore completely yet. Makes for funnier assumptions about what the fresh hell is happening
yeah yeah i remember my days of being blind and having no worries about all the f*!*ing paradox and all the **** and i loved ornsteins style also felt the same about the gwyndolin and his blades invading sinned subros lol anyway those days were absolutely awsome...wont forget the comfort and... yeah thats it age of fire brings comfort and comfort is illusion then age of dark is truth and dark consumes all and swallows hope so enjoy pvp and style cause lore just rolls you in a pool of paradox n **** lol
Who do you think is much easier to deal with? Super Smough or Super Ornstein?
I'm having so much trouble with this boss. I can't punish or dodge one without getting attacked by the other, it's hard to keep an eye on both when they're moving around so much. I really have no idea how to get Smough caught on a pillar in the first place, I have no humanity so I can't summon anyone, and i only have 5 lousy flasks to do it every time instead of the 10 Flask+2s everyone else has. Man I thought I was supposed to rage quit at Blighttown, not Anor Londo