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I need help to farm these medals for platinum. Add me "Supernovado" lvl 180 5m souls.
1. Maybe add which Platform u playing on. 2. There are not many people playing this game. 3. At 5M SM you should consider farming Falconers instead of helping people.
If you’re on Xbox one then hell yeah
If anyone wants to help me farm these on xbox, I'm SM 9mil, gamertag Slaughtergorila
For those struggling to get the Sunlight Medals on SOTFS there is a method to farm it fairly quick wich you can get 10 medals in 10 minutes. First of all you need to get equipment that boost your item discovery without this the process take ages, try to get the equipments with the bigggest boosts available the best setup to farm it would be Symbol of Avarice + Prisioner's Tatters + Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2 + Watchdragon Parma + Rusted Coins, The next step is to join the Covenant Company of Champions doing that will make enemies to respwan wich we need for this method , In the last step you need to headover to the 1st Bonfire on Brighstone Cove Tseldora wich is called the "Royal Camp" and this is the place where we farm it the Falconer Soldiers drop the sunlight medals that we want.
I don't see this mentioned anywhere but in offline mode I was getting guaranteed Sunlight Medal drops from falconers in Shaded Woods. Considering how hard it was to farm them in online mode, I highly doubt this is a coincidence. I don't know if there are prerequisites for this to happen but I had the game cleared and SM tier 37.
Thanks for the info gonna check it out ingame
Didn't work for me.
Someone can help me? I play on ps3 Nick: Notbot02
Im playing too right now. Unfortunately playing on PS4 and bet that we couldn’t connect...
The game could has cross platform, this will help so much. For some reason today I could take the 30 sunlight meadl, my luck high the drop rate
Took 2 hr 30 mins to get 30 on ps4. Farmed 1st bonfire @brightstone. Killed/aggroed 3 by the fire and then ran into tent to kill 1 (this guy never dropped me a medal though) had symbol of avarice + prison tatters + watchdragon shield + used a rusted coin every 1 i got
O and the serpent ring +1
Can anyone help me on ps4? Soul memory 6.8mil. I can go to any boss Psn id: Henrique52mp
30 of these is probably the most grindy thing in the game now if you want 100% achievements, on XB1 I've only met 1 person over 2 full playthroughs and that was while I was farming Mad Warrior for the Bell Keepers in Belfry Sol, also I'm not too convinced by raising your item discovery helping with the Falconers, it's still very random when they drop and my best run was on my way to Drangleic Castle when I had no item discovery boosting gear on and wasn't even intending to get them (2 of the 5 dropped one).
Lmao I was farming the belfry aswell, seems this quarantine has a lot of people going back for completion
Grindy? Try the DS3 platinum.


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Well so far on my run I'm going through my second run on the game and so far I kinda believe that item discovery boosts do work
Another possible downside to leaving your summon sign at King's Gate is you can get summoned by a player so poor that they die 5 times to Nashandra despite you + Benhart assisting them + diverting her attention away from them 75% of the time, Nashandra only attacked the guy probably 10-12 times over all 5 fights and unfortunately with the lack of people playing this game they was the only person I was getting summoned to. I'm not one to question anyone's skills when it comes to DS but I genuinely have no idea how that person has even made it to Nashandra if they can't figure out a boss as simple as her.
It's the casuls man they do wonders when it comes to dying to easy as hell bosses.
Me and a friend farmed 30 of these in under 2 hours. If you’re willing to do it, then use a bonfire escetic at the second bonfire in forest of the giants. This will revive the last giant and persist boss. Kill both on your world while in the sunlight covenant then in your friends. This will net a quick 4 medals because the bosses are both rather easy with two people, even at ng+7. Rinse and repeat. Much easier than trying to farm falconers.