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Decent entry level greatshield for tank builds. Most of the other greatshields have extremely high weight and strength requirements, and will be hard to use at road of sacrifices. It may seem bad that it has 89% physical absorption, but only 11% of their attacks are getting through, and THEN they hit damage reduction and damage absorption so the final damage is negligible. Very good stability for its weight.
It's my favorite shield. No point in using anything heavier if you want to play aggressively, with short bursts of in-your-face pokes, shield up, with a thrusting sword, and the occasional bash.
Then they nerfed it



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My choice of defense against rotten cleric miracles!
Works like a condom!
This or stone parma simple infused on a sorcerer?
This plus Alva set, valorheart, and spear with standard helm makes a pretty cool legionarre look

I am just making the perfect legionary with broad sword, slave knight armor and standard helm but the shield is just gone
At the top of the page It says it's a weapon, & I highly disagree. Because greatshields are used for defense, & not beating to a pulp.
Now that’s where your wrong kiddo. Check out some build videos of Greatshields.

Gives me conniptions...
Yep, twohanding a greatshield can make you very tough to kill especially for PVE and hits from them stagger many enemies. Your damage output won't be great, but with some stamina management you're usually in no hurry to finish fights either.
Tell that to my door shield build lol XD
A greatshield that can't parry, doesn't block 100% physical damage, doesn't regenerate health, and has nearly the same stability as a medium shield? Sign me up!
With a +2 upgrade and Great Magic Shield it enables a glass cannon mage fearless to sunlight spear
No greatshield can parry you idiot.
The ones that allow skill can. So that makes YOU an idiot.
This was my best friend when I started DS1 for the first time.
@Unbreakable Patches *dramatic finger point* Liar! you use the Eagle version!
I just want to say that in the board game this thing has more defense than the black iron greatshield
just tested and confirmed as of July 2019: this shield still does spawn in the swamp, but DOES NOT in the first ng+ cycle. Used other data files that were ng+3 as a cross reference and it checks out - they are all short one Twin Dragon GS. not sure if this was intentionally implemented but alas, at least now we know &we can all laugh at our first playthrough past self.
This is correct, I never obtained this shield and I'm still on my first game playthrough.