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It's gonna be fun farming for sunlight medals because I'm too broke to buy ps plus and go online
In-game definition of an unfair fight.
in game definition of "you can't just smash everything, casual"
Ingame definition of "you're complaining about a difficult enemy which you've faiked and given up on trying to LEARN how to defeat so you call it unfair"
I've found using the Cestus, both hands, running direct at them, L1 from a distance then just spam L1 (break shield in 3 hitsish) then just wail on them.


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What am I doing wrong that I cannot fight these guys? The spear and shield variant mind you. I keep trying to parry--but only can half do it--and thus lose half my health doing so. I end up losing all my estus, and then die because for one: they hold their shield up even at distance so no throwables, they smack me when I try and sneak behind them. I literally just cannot fight that singular one before the room where you get the Broadsword and the Estus Shard, as well as the key for Greirat for context.
try rolling to the left through their attacks, they have a decent window once they stop. use lighter and faster equipment if you need to, the long sword r1 is great for a couple quick hits. also try using a shield that allows weapon skill instead of parry and use the r1 stance skill to break their guard. it's very safe to do since they mostly just stand there with their shields up.
Three 2H hits with a straight sword seem to be more than enough to break their guard giving you an opportunity to move slightly to the left to perform a critical hit.
you can also simply ignore them until you have a 2h greatsword with the stance weapon art and you can bypass their shield and even slap a good crit on their chest 2-3 shotting them easely
Kicking their shield will tank their stamina and often open them up to ripostes. Parry frames start about when your shield is at the right most of the animation. The rest of the animation will get you a partial parry and you will lose health and stamina, but wont be staggered.
listen, these guys can be tough, i know. but don't complain. learn how to deal with them, fix your build, and get going. if you can't get over these guys, you'll won't even make it through irithyll...
Where is the info for the knights in the dreg heap
My favorite thing to do is cosplay as a lothric knight with the war banner, with my two buddies and have a trio of lothric knights destroy everything and everyone
I found an awesome strat for cheesing these guys, first step is you need to git gud, ...that's it lol
Xd why is the lothric knight hard to beat
Even tho I killed the thousand of times, they are still my most hated enemies, Imo hardest knight except Outriders... But that makes them kinda cool... But the range of that WA thrust is pure bs cmon :D Also the fact that on the beggining of the game, damn you WANT to be that guy so much, but Mr. M made their armor super heavy, sword req. 18 dex, shield 18 str, so you just cry, coz you really can just run in armor and deserter pants acting like you look so dope XD