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Got him down to one hit by sitting between his back legs and then suddenly he flies up and does the unavoidable fire attack that one shots. So much for that method.
He got me like that a few times, but I think it's because I stopped hitting him. This method worked great for me, although it took me a few times to test it out.
Hit and run is the safest strat by far. Get in, empty your stamina bar into his rear foot, and get back. If he does a stomp, go in again. If he starts to fly up, you already have a head start. You get to see how long it takes for him to decide on his next move, it's like 5 whole seconds
I found other way to kill him. This is archer method but without running and rolling (except beginning of the fight when you run towards him) You use fast bow (Hunter's Blackbow is great) + poison or lightning arrows (light infused bow will be great too) + light armor (or no armor) 1. You go under him (just at the end of his front legs but not behind them) and lock on his head 2. three or four shots in his head 3. when he prepare to fire on you - just move to the other side of his head (without unlocking, and without rolling) and make another three or four shots 4. when he stomps - just move to left or right for a moment (still without unlocking) If you are precise he will not go up (fire rate and place where you are under him are important)
Wanna farm him for souls together? My gamertag is VotableBoss72
I did something similar but I stood about 10 feet in front of hit head and slightly to one side and pegged him with lightning arrows. He will turn toward that side for a fire breath and you just move to the other side and repeat
EASIEST STRAT: STAY AROUND HIS HEAD!!!!! If he swipes, run to his other foot and damage him. If he pushes his head forwards for the flamethrower, run past it and hit his foot! If he flaps his wings, just run away and come back to his head when the fire stops. HE WILL ONLY USE THESE THREE ATTACKS IF YOU DO THIS RIGHT. I did it first try doing this!! If you do this YOU WILL NEVER TAKE ANY DAMAGE. It's pretty almost impossible to. Good luck!
lol love the part where you say dont use a greatsword or nothing! lol if you play these games with a poker or a straight sword they are waaay too easy, also who the ***** is gonna actually feel like they earned killing a 50 foot dragon with a sword thats like 2 feet long and thick as a hair. *RAPIER OP
Maybe because a greatsword is too slow? U dumb ???
Maybe because a greatsword is too ****ing slow? What ???
The ancient dragon fight. Sucks ***
This likely is not the true ancient dragon, as we get it’s soul from the memory in brightstone tseladora Memory, within the dragon that’s hanging from the room in the Freja boss fight. Since this one drops a giant’s soul and the fact that Aldia’s keep is not too far from here, we can assume that this “Ancient Dragon” is likely another creation of Aldia.
You are exactly right many characters imply that the dragon is pretending to be something it's not, and its proximity to Aldia's keep is suspicious.
Best video showing how to avoid the Dragon's attacks is 'All Dark Souls 1,2 & 3 Bosses in NG+9 vs Solaire of Astora' , skip to 1:39:33
if u came from ds3 and bloodborne, this guy is really easy to beat.
Dude ds3 is easiest souls game... Yes it has great bosses but you can easily roll spam.
I DID IT <3 For all melee players, do the toe strategy. Alternate between hitting him 2-4 times on each foot and if you do it right he won't do any other move besides the foot stomp