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sooo....sitting on the throne is the Dark Lord ending basically then? And that is the true ending in DS2 right? A bit confusing what is going on when all the fire-linking in the game...doesn't result in a fire linking ending...
If you Kill Vendrick before you go into the throne room, to kill nashandra, you can get an alternate ending.
The end is vague if you take the throne. The choice of linking the fire or choosing darkness is left to you, but it doesn't give you the option or show you which your character chooses. The alternate ending is better IMHO.
cursed like 8 times but beat her
Cursebite ring. Wait until she does her laser. Jog around it. Hit her. Jog back. Repeat. Disappointingly easy.
Eeeaasssyyyy! Not what I expected, so easy in fact I beat her to death with a ladle. 10/10
Just beat her up with a good melee weapon. Its that easy
same for every other boss in the series
Easy For hexes, dark orb, all summons, keep distance = win!
Piece of cake if you summon moon sword man just outside and use the cursebite ring with dark troches, cake walk!
Brave undead you have proven yourself to me, now be one with the- LIGHTNING!
22222222222222 points if you know where that's from.
I celebrate by watching that video every time i beat the game on a higher difficulty
Is this too easy for you?
"I'll see you later" the pursuer cracks me up lol
There's an insane theory out there that she is actually solaire. Just a little fun fact.
Whoever made that theory was either high or desperate, solaire is a human who either links the fire or dies trying in ds1.
For me personally it's easy to just stay out of the curse range, but if you're having trouble the ring of binding works really well in that situation