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I've seen a good amount of debate about whether it's better to kill him early for his armor set, or whether it's better to leave him alive to explore his full questline. I'm new to the game, and the 50% souls boss you get when wearing his full set with the CSSR +1 seems very attractive to a new character. Does anyone well versed in this game have an opinion on this? Much appreciated.
I've never killed him, and probably never will.
I killed him on my very first playthrough, like 6 years ago only time I've ever done it, honestly the souls gain isn't really that important you'll gain your levels and upgrades pretty easily throughout the game anyway and killing him means paying for his resurrection every time you want to buy something
All right, I'm still pretty new to this game, but I would like to know why 99% of all players kill this guy for his armor? Am I missing something?
Cuz his armor increases the amount of souls you get from defeated enemies
Well, that is quite an understandable reason indeed
Extra souls, very useful especially when enemies only spawn 12 times before needing an ascetic