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damn, it still works, when i saw this exploit i was hoping it got patched by now. now im torn between free extra stats and not feeling like im cheating
Can confirm the bug still works even after the most recent dlc. I just tried it on my Lone Wolf playthrough 7/9/20. I think what some people are failing to understand is when to teleport the speaking character. Immediately after you make your choice of stat, teleport the speaking character about a screen's distance away and it will break the conversation. Speak to her again with the same character and make a different choice and repeat until you have selected all the choices. Then follow her to her den and let her kiss you. Do this will all of your characters and all of them will have 4 spiders kiss talents but only minus 2 constitution. They will also received the gold and the glowing idol. If you pickpocket the idol before hand as well, you will have 5 idols. Which is pretty awesome.
Really don't see what fun it is going through all of that and abusing the game like that, but to each their own.
it’s not letting me pick idol of rebirth option
As of now, 18 July 2020, there is no option to get a second idol from a kiss. But you can steal second one from her.
*Definitive Edition
August 25, 2020, bug still works.
Bug doesn't work September 2nd you get -2 con for each gift selected and there is a line about teleporting while you're talking not being very polite.
september 5nd, still works with the cake is no longer a lie patc. you still only get -2 con. guy below me probably did it the wrong way.
i meant september 5th*
Isn't it like.. completely not worth to go along with the kiss? Because if you really wanted +2 in something and -2 less con then why not just go to the mirror? just seems like a dumb deal. if it had been +3 in something and -2 in con then it would be more worth because it would just mean a free point but this just seems like a crappy thing. Just pickpocket the idol and then kill her for the daggers and other stuff. In fact kill everybody down there. why not