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Good bye two years later and still love the game :(


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I've had my sights on this for 3 years now! And it's finally out!!!!
Although this game has been infested with bugs since day 1, I feel like that the journey of Kingdom Come will not come to a sudden end. The game is amazing!
Couldn't be more excited to see more!
kingdom come deliverance is like skyrim and oblivion
Nope, it's got directional, slow combat (Unlike the 2 you stated), a bit more linear (And slower) story, as well as a complete and total lack of fantasy elements. Oh, and you can also layer your armor, and you level up differently. I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but overall they are all WAY different from each other.
Kingdom Come?
Something tells me the dev's were on a mission to be carved in sand..... :)
This game is utterly garbage, it is so not player friendly. Its like the devs were so concerned with making the game as accurate as possible that they forgot to make the gameplay any good. Its the middle of the day and I am falling asleep playing this piece of trash.
I have reconsidered my opinion, and i can say that the worst part of this game, THE WORST PART, is the combat. The archery is absolute trash and so it the AI, the combat tutorials are also utter garbage so i do not understand the kicking thing or whatever it is when you get close and they push you away and that ruins my game play with stupid gimmicks like that
Try not to look at this game as if you build a skill that your character already has. Henry doesn't know how to fight properly with any weapon. Those kicks you mentioned, or "clinch" is when you get too close to effectively use the equiped weapon. Whoever has the highest STR usually wins this.
Ma in questo gioco così realistico, se fischi alle persone che dormono?...