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Basically a re-skinned Umi-Bozu from Nioh 1. Only you don’t necessarily need fire to deal massive damage.
Hi, its me again. Yes, he’s very weak to fire. But what I meant was that Umi-Bozu from Nioh 1 was almost only vulnerable to it. In that mission you needed to ignite 3 shrines witch would fire up bonfires in the boss area, and that would imbue your weapon in flames, making the fight somewhat easier.
What’s the signal for Benkei!!! I tried the fire gesture and nothing. I don’t know what else it could be.
The signal was to hit a gong. I just don’t know how. There is a gong in the corner of the arena, but hitting it does nothing. I’m at a loss with this one. Beat him all the same, tho.
Before you're about to encounter the boss, Hakutaku will tell you to hit the gong to signal Benkei. Hit the gong with a heavy attack.
That’s what she said