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I will trade 5champ souls for this -sorry about the last post
That's way too cheap
gonna troll a lot of them horny bois with this
I would love to talk trading for anything for this, I have an ng+ character I don't play anymore with a good inventory, and I'm wanting this for my main that I just started a ng with :) any help would be appreciated thank you.
Being gone, PRYO THOT
Perfectly balanced. As all things should be.
i wish i could upvote replies
What is it like on a guy
I like the skirt and the boot combo a lot, i thoughtit was cute. The gloves work well with my havel/Maiden dress combo to combatthe curse in ringed city Also, combine the skirt with the fire keeper shroud/top and its so cool!
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okay now i have to make a female character