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Giantdad ftw
Sephiroth: Black Cleric robes, traveling gloves, Chester's trousers, washing pole. If someone who knows how to do wiki things would post this with a Sephiroth face, I will personally get you a date with gwynevere.
Gwyndolin is better
Gladiator. Mask of velka. Black iron armor. Balder gauntlets. Balder leggings. Astoras straight sword. Iron round shield.
Idk why but I cant stand Giant Dad build. Its over used and ugly.
what r u ,casul ?


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its also a bad build
Zweihander is a joke in PvP because of its swing speed, not to mention that there’s no need for mask of the father because you could just put more levels into stamina, which would allow you to wear the giant helm for the higher defense and have more stanima to swing the zweihander. Of course if defense is what you’re going for you could also swap the zweihander out for havel’s hammer and give up the grass crest shield, part of the reason this would be worth it is for the increased resistance to fire and magic. If you’re rocking the zweihander with 24 strength then if havel’s hammer takes 40 strength to wield you’d only need to put in four more points into strength to two hand havel’s hammer. Of course some of these level’s are going to have to come from somewhere, but im sure you could shave a good number of points off of vitality because of how much diminishing returns really effects vitality at higher levels.
It’s a build centered around slaying noobs so obviously every troll in the community has a hard on for it. Cause even outside of a giantdad build you are prone to getting backstabbed or partied unless whoever you are fighting is really bad at timing parties and rolling out of the swing.
Fallen Giant: Giant Helm, Chester's Long Coat, Giant Gauntlets, Giant Leggings, Washing Pole (Optional).
Vestal Cosplay (from Darkest Dungeon): Priest Hat, Hard Leather Armor, Elite Knight Guantlets, Blood-stained Skirt and a Mace
The Shining Knight

Cathedral Knight Helm
Silver Knight Armor
Winged Knight Gauntlets
Executioners Leggings.

Claymore and Lothric Knight Greatshield.
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