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wanna make a claw character but they're so late in the game :(
If you have ashes of ariandel, you can get the crow claws after Crystal sage if you know where to go
You can kill the dancer then get the claws in kings garden, early game
If you don't much care about the cooperative/PvP aspects, you can always go offline and hack in your weapon(s) of choice right at the beginning
Whats the best damaging infusion for the caestus?
Probably fire or refined
Refined with Resins
Whips also get the Skilled title when infused with a Refined Gem.
so is no one gonna talk about how pyromancy flame not being here even though it can actually work as a fist weapon with its 100+ flame damage, i mean i know pyromancy flame is probably the worst weapon to use like that and dark hand would just be straight up better, but if manikin claws is here, pyromancy flame DESERVE to be as well
Despite having fist R2 attacks when equipped in the main hand, the pyromancy flame is labeled as a flame, not a fist. Which is why it is in the flame category, not the fist category, on this wiki.
corvian greatknife +10 infused with sharp gem at 40+ dexterity AND buffed with lightning blade or crystal magic weapon does over 500 AR, so it pretty much makes all of these weapons useless, since they are slower, have less range since corvian greatknife is the longest dagger in the game, and also do less damage since the base damage for the claw and the caestus is 91 while the base damage for the corvian greatknife is 93
yeah lol
Wish bone fist made it into this game from ds2