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I have an infinite wisdom, which augments would you recommend?
Usually the best augments are health regen and after that you go with what you want. If your build needs an extra 10affinity or just attack, ur pick
Use a lunastra nergigante weapon with all regeneration augments and Vaal hazak armour
Basic comfy kjarr augments: max augment slots, 2x ele up, 1x health reg (for use w/ full safi)
cant 2 ele, 1 health. At least for dual blades, second ele costs three slots.
The final upgrade of element up adds 2 more slot cost, making a total of 5
Does anyone have a list of required materials for lvl 3 health regen on rarity 12 weapons?
not possible to use Lvl 3 Health Regen on Rarity 12 weapons because of not enough slots