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Alternatively you could just stand in front of the dragon and bait him to breath fire on you. When it starts to do it you can run to the side of his head and go to town :P I just did it with the dragonslayer greataxe =P



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Bruh, it wasnt the boss one, it was the second one that appears later, but anyway, somehow I had glitched the dragon and he wasnt leaving the cliff he was hanging on, so I pulled out the dragonslayer great bow and started head shoting it, he didnt do anything, UNTIL he reached 1/5, came down used flamebreath, roasted me, then I tried to fight him head on as normal, and the dude just uses the horizontal flame breath and pushes me off the map and I die, sometimes I wanna choke Miyazaki
easiest yet hardest boss ever... dont care about the dragon, F*ck the enemies
Yeah...i made it about halfway through the run to the plunging attack spot and he glitches into the floor and dies.