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took me 5 wins in a row for iron, then i couldnt tell if it was bronze or iron still but I saw it changed to silver at 22 wins, i lost a few in between, turned to gold at 36 wins
I slap foo on there
I want spongebob tampons that start yellow but turn pink instead of red so you can have a patrick tampon too :)
People with 1000+ ping shouldn't be able to queue
One frame they are 5 feet away from me and the next frame they’re backstabbing me
Rankings are working as intended
I just got gold after a few days of grinding and I believe they should make it a bit more difficult because I'm honestly not the best. I play on mouse and keyboard and I'm still trying to learn parry timing and how to pivot backstab. I just think someone like me shouldn't be able to get into gold.
On a new character I got gold in a couple hours. I don't think it's a real ranking system. You just win enough and you'll be gold.
There is not much to learn, parry is intuitive + pray to Gwyn the connection is right, you can perform a perfect parry and it won't trigger, or you can parry literally in between two r1s and it will trigger. Arenas are casual of u want to git
gud and see results go invasions
This system would have been 10 times better if they just had like a ranking system based on numbers (like Dota 2 MMR) or at least one of those Tekken 7 prompts "promotion match"
I've played league and Tekken for years. Keep that sweaty **** away. PvP is already full of degenerates and ****s no need to suck them off further
And red pilled
Based? Based on what?
Hey, you did a perfect parry? Too bad buddy, tickrate didn't think so. But hey, that one parry when you know you messed up and immediately rolled? Yeah, that thing got in. It sometimes feels like arena lags are worse than invasions
Quick question, do password matches affect rank?