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Can you wear multiple of the same ring?
No. Only one even if it is +1 and +2. It is not possible
depend what you mean.
two ring with the same name and same or different level (+1,+2...) ? no
two rings with similar names and effects (young dragoncrest+belowing dragoncrest; swamp+witch, sun first born+ morn, speckled stoneplate+another stoneplate) yes, and they stack (multiplicatively)
I thought all grinding was over after I farmed 30 proof of concord kept, 30 vertebra shackle and 10 human dregs for countless hours!! ... and now another 40 covenant item!! bull**** I had enough of this :(
I don't understand the ring of sacrife that you get from trading Loretta's Bone: i'm in my 1st playthrough (No NG+) and i've already gave Loretta's bone to Greirat. So if in my next playthrough (ng+) i've trade Loretta's bone for the ring, i'm winning the archivement anyways? Sorry for the bad english.
You can get the ring of sacrifice from multiple places, not just trading lorretas bone. From the top of my head I know you can buy one from yuria of londor
Its lore based. Its in reference to how Loretta sacrificed herself to get Greyrat out of the Undead Settlement before he got killed like she did.