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AAAAAAAAAAND .... felt into the abyss. thanks FROM
Just get it from patches, bettter then not doing it, sorry I had a very detailed thing on this but it all deleted, just have patches kick you down
WHY. WHY. WHY. WHY?? WHYYY does the light giving item specifically made for the lightless area does not give off light just by having it equiped? Cero, no light at at all! Only when held up high. You attack and light's gone. It's beyond stupid game design. What were they thinking?



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there is always the trusty sunlight maggot ;)
lmao cry more casul
This is probably a reference to the fire of baba yaga that was gifted to vasilisa
Been tryinnnnn

To meet you

The skull lantern did not drop for me. I killed all the necromancers, no drops from any of them, decided to look up a guide showing all their locations, followed the guide and found none alive with no items. I'm a hoarder, so I usually wait a couple of seconds and run over their bodies to make sure I'm not missing any items.
It's not a guaranteed drop from the last necromancer. This wiki has a reputation for false information and this is just another one to add to the list.
It has a guarenteed drop from last necromancer, if it doesn't drop from him, it means a previous necromancer dropped it and you didn't pick it up.
100% false Statement. I've killed all necromancers and none dropped it. Haven't died ij between them. And i was very careful to look for loot as this lantern was the thing i was Hunting for!



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Sometimes the Necromancer AI is bizarre and they end up killing themselves. That's why you sometimes miss the lantern.