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But.... Can I bang it with more than a great hammer?
If you're a cleric, use Force.
The one with the alternate moveset scared the***** out of me, wasn't expecting that, especially not with the crying sounds beforehand
The one guarding Snap Freeze and have a cut dialogue is Pontiff Sulyvahn mother for sure.
The one guarding the freeze spell and hidden ladder attacks a lot like the bed of chaos. Connection? Probably a stretch, but the painting is for unwanted people, and chaos, as described by the chaos blade's description in ds2, is an unwanted thing that is cast away.
Interesting enemy I think her name must have originally been witchtree? It’s a tree woman that casts pyromancy...aka the witchtree branch staff


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Christ mum, Aldrich is NOT a bad influence on me, HE'S JUST HUNGRY!
How many people here have objectophilia sheesh
Fire infused dagger: whack whack whack

For some reason I want to hug one