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If you use the soul if Artorias next to her when she asks for it she gasps and starts to break down
You are a sick person
Why would you do that tho?

Calm down there Satan, that is too far..
that was a very fun fact indeed.
I enjoyed this
make her cry
nice, gotta make filthy dex users cry.
The Weapons, The Armor and also the Moveset seems similar to "Dancer of the Boreal Valley" from Dark Souls III !
Fun PvP fight, the most skilled NPC in the game. I love how she avoids stunlocks like skilled PvP player. Only don't fight her in NG+, all the fairness goes out of the window.
In NG+ her dmg hp and high stamina makes it like fighting a cheater.
I forgot to go to Oolacile on NG so I had to fight her NG+, but Zweihander +15 do not have any sense for Monsters or NPCs being better in someway or what so ever.
great club +15, magic weapon, tower shield. Two swings and she was dead, didnt even received a scratch, heh
Try Power Within + Great Magic Weapon with a 45 INT / 35 STR Manus Catalyst + Great Club +15. She won't live to see the second hit.
used srtorias soul now she wont appear
No idea why, she just never appeared for me. I had Artorias' Soul in my inventory, and then moved it into my bottomless box, pulled it back out, and put it back in again. I save/quit and warped to other bonfires and came back, and she still never appears. His grave is still there, though. Weird little bug.
If the soul is in the bottomless box ut doesn't count
asmodan? you mean the lord of sins from diablo? why do you referring him?
Artorias: powerful boss Ornstein: powerful boss Gough: shoots a powerful , almost unbeatable dragon into disability and weakness easy mode Ciaran: npc who happens to be a little better in combat than most npcs...
I imagine she was an assassin of sorts, bringing up the part of the "Lord's Blade" cause if Gwyn wanted anyone gone, she'd be the first to go to.
Well, Artorias was the most dkilled, aside Sif, he could always be in the frontline, Gough wad an archer with insane skill, he managed to kill many dragons by his own, Ormstein its a combination of both, he is a really good combatitian while also being able to fight dragons, but Ciaran wasnt never a knight like Artorias, she prefered to be stealthy and it was the one Gwyn send when want someone to go off the map
This b**** leveling up dex REEEEEEEEEEEEE
Time for gaintdad