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"How's Cirian doing?" "Still hot . . . "
"Check out this puppy." *Yap, yap.* "Amazing."
Fav set from dark souls series, and want it so badly in ds3 T.T
There is a mod for DS3 on the nexus called "Cinders" it changes a lot of gameplay stuff (certain spell cast faster,FP now regenerates,bosses have more health etc,etc), changes some item locations so you will have to explore again, new stuff to trade with the firelink crows (traded an item called old bone or something and got a titanite shard and a dragon greatshield.......yeah......the shield that the ringed knights the very begining) and adds things from previous games (i read somewhere that you can get ciarans gold tracer so hey, her armor could be in this mod too), i just found the vangarian set in the crucifiction wods (the set that pirates in no mans wharf use) so theres hope for ciarans set.
Why do you have to kill such a nice NPC for nice armor? Why can't she gift you a set for the soul? "A robe common to all the Lord's Blades." There must be other sets out there! Hell you get an Eastern Set even though the only Eastern guy with it is already wearing it. Unless they're trying to imply he's Undead and that's his corpse in Darkroot Garden? I dunno, maybe it is. But still! I wanted to be respectful and also acquire this outfit.
Just more proof that AOTA was a bit of a rush job. I would prefer to not kill Ciaran myself, but fashion demands it.
Pretty good set for lightweight builds, decent defence, high poison resistance, but my favourite is the poise, because it's high enough to tank arrows.


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The waist-cloth is a good option if you are mixing and matching pieces.