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Weight is incorrect on the blood-stained skirt. Should be 2.5. At least that is what I see here while playing the remastered version.
Best light armor set in the game in my opinion. A true joy for an SL1 run when highly upgraded.
The “event” when (spoilers) kills her seems to be the third fire keeper soul. Just made a new game to try a faith build, and was clearing out blighttown before challenging the Gargoyles when i discovered her dead. Estus was at +2 and as soon as i found the third soul, she was dead
There is a firekeepers soul at the top of blight town picking that up will trigger her death
I'm not able to get the Dingy set now because, well.. I kinda kicked lautrec off the edge of firelink for his ring.. stopping the event where he kills her. Do I have to kill the firekeeper to get her set?
Actually, the fire keeper cant be killed by the player, so this will be a thing for NG+1. Lautrec kills her after you get both bells OR after you get the undead parish fire keeper soul AND the blighttown fire keeper soul, whichever comes first.
This set has some of the highest magic defense in the game. I think the leggings have the highest out of all the armors. I just really wanted the ring early on, but if I could go back, I would have let nature take its natural course. Because after the painted world, you get a piece of armor that you can trade with the crow to get the ring of favor and protection. So you can actually get two rings of F&P per playthrough, which allows you to switch things up abit as your build evolves.


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The Dingy Robe is so underrated as a low-weight option with good defense when upgraded...even at a +9.