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-"While active..." ???

How long does it last?
How would it be inactivated?
What is the cooldown?
Activates every time you get hit. So, every hit counts as an activate. And it can keep activating, it's just a matter of chance. I recommend leveling it to 3, 50% damage reduction can be a life saver
1. It's constant. Every time you get hit the game rolls number.
2. It can't be inactive. It just wont proc.
3.there is no cooldown
I only got lvl 1 of this and it's already saved my *** a lot of times.
Are Kulve Taroth weapons with defense bonus coming with this skill? I keep having "damages reduced" messages while I don't have this skill...
Sometimes, if you are in a roll and take dmg, it will be reduced
lmao during Vaal Hazak fight, screen is full with 'damaged taken was reduced'
Is it stackable with Hunting Horn Buff: Teostra's Orphée - Divine Protection?? Or is one of them Useless?
I am making an educated guess here, from what I remember of previous games. But I'd say they both have their own 25% chance of proc, so it gives you two dice roll per attack to decide if you reduce damage or not. I have no idea if they can both proc at the same time though, I would assume not, but I could very well be wrong.



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Im fairly sure this stacks in some weird way with the similar effect you get from defense augments for weapons, and the similar effect you get from horns. Im unsure how it stacks, maybe each one gives you a sepperate 25% chance. Maybe it just adds them together and you get a 50% and 75% chance. Maybe the damage is reduced, then reduced again if they proc at the same time. Maybe the damage is say, reduced by 50+30=80% total. Im unsure, more testing is required. I do know with +3 divine blessing on my armor and +2 defense augment from my weapon it happens almost every time, Id need more friends with hunting horns to see if they both stack with the horn blessing, however I think they very well might all 3 stack together somehow...
with my luck... i'll just throwing this away...xD
I'd say the DB5 Activation Rate is 40%
How do you achieve the lvl 5 Divine blessing I have the right amount of armor skills ?
Gold rathian armorskill allows to go up to lvl 5