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I've visited her in my Champions covenant walktrhough in all 4 places, and she did not give the equipment in Aldia. Apparently you do need to summon her.
Oof. Lucatiel died at the Rotten right as I killed the Rotten. I meant to ascetic it but spaced and forgot. Just talked to her at Aldia and she's like "no trophy for you". Can I still throw an ascetic into the Rotten (or any other boss) and get that third fight and then... Ascetic Aldia's keep to have her reappear, or am I stuck having to protect her in NG+?
At least I got good ol' Benny and his Plastic Sword without an issue, but poor Lucatiel ghosted me :(
Sorry you're stuck until NG+, I did something similar. Once you talk to her at Aldia, she leaves the game for good.
Chosen Undead isn't Dark Souls II's protagonist.
Just in case if someone benefits from this information, Lucatiel will give you her items as long as, with a given character, you have summoned and won a fight with her 3 times *in total*, not specifically in one Journey. I didn't get this in NG with a character, as I only summoned & won with her twice before she skedaddled and lost her mind proper, then I did so once more in NG+ and she gave them to me all of a sudden. Wouldn't have known unless I did this by accident. Lovely lady, that Lucy.
She is not at aldias keep for me I just arrived there. Thats a bit of a shame as i have the 3 boss kills allready
ok found that i missed her at no mans wharf
The text for the smelter demon is false and i mean like completely false!!!!

in scholar of the first sin smelter does nearly no damage to her at all which means it is highly recommended to use this fight for her 3 bossfights as it provides extremly good surviveability. Furthermore she helps you survive the fight too. However it is recommended to use firedefense increasing armor, rings and items or pyromancy to make it much easier for yourself to allow you to do damage. Gyrm shield would be perfect to block all his attacks including his blast. As Smelter demon has a quite easy attackpattern and as he is vulnerable to attacks from behind once he focus on lucathiel for example it is extremly easy to beat him this way.

Lucathiel herself takes only like 4% damage per hit and 5% if the blast hits her even in higher NG+ while she is actually blocking most of his attacks. I never faced a fight with her beeing below 60% health at all.
trying to find her at Smelter Demon but dont see her name do i need to be in certain covenant?
Not sure if you figured it out but when that happened to me it was because i hadn't talked to her in lower earthen peak


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Lil tip. dlc bosses count

her and Benhearts quests can be done by using the Ivory king (Luc) and the Queen boss in sunken king, helpful if ya dun goofed and they died at the last possible second
Boss fights
She sometimes randomly takes her mask off?
My 2nd encounter with her was in no mans wharf, and she did a hand motion while talking, and suddenly her mask was off. I'm pretty sure thats not supposed to happen until her final encounter right?