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****ing hate this boss but I'm gonna try chaos +10 drakeblood great sword also need help plz
****ing hate this boss but I'm gonna try chaos drakeblood sword
This boss design may look like coincidence, but i think it's intentionally made this way. Let me explain. How you can make boss hard? Increase damage? More Health? Faster moveset? Well, this called Champion Gundyr so we need a different approach. Eventually every player get used to boss moveset anyway or just have very good build and, like me, killed Gundyr with 2nd try (perseverence, faceroll). So to make boss hard what if we add 1st stage what gonna consume player's estus with attacks what you cannot dodge (fire breath from above). And make this stage long by disallowing player to hit the boss whenever he like and force him to wait for opportunity to land 1-2 hits, based mostly on random AI algorythms. Obviously wyvern most vulnerable while performing fire breath from ground, but, good luck waiting for this moment. This first stage will drain your sanity, will drain your patience, drain your flasks. You cannot just get used for 2nd stage moveset, because 1st stage have different attacks. Thats why this boss is so hard. Because 1st stage is EASY, and you know it, and this pisses you off, because you have to kill this ****in chicken over and over and over again, just to have a glance, a bit of taste of 2nd stage, get send back to bonefire and do it again, and again, and again...
Dragonslayer Greatshield, use it, stay close to him, strafe a lot and wait for the opening. That worked for me, full catarina set too, didnt roll once, just have to watch that stamina. Hope this helps, i suck at bosses, cant read the ****ers.
okay so heads up i guess, i got zapped by lightning in the middle of the grounded flame breath attack so that's one more reason this is the best fight in any souls-like
it looks like it happens if you do too much damage/hit the wyvern too many times, or maybe get too close to the king during that attack. glad it's not mentioned here.
if you attack the wyvern too early when it uses the fire breath attack, the king shoots you with lightning