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So there are no more quests after the tempered Kirin? What do I do now?


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If you haven't already, try completing all the optional quests. This will get you lots of upgrades to the Canteen and lots of Specialized Equipment. After the Story, you'll want to do the same kind of progression that you did before, but in High Rank. First the easier monsters in the Forest, then the Wastes, etc, getting armor with higher Defense all the way. Once you have higher Defense and have begun to tailor your Skills, you can take on more Elder Dragons. Once you supplement your builds with Elder Dragon armor and some more Decorations, then you can do the same all over again with Tempered monsters to really start hauling in Decorations. After that its on to Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons.
This assignments will continue on iceborne DLC I think
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Forgot the Beotoadus mission. Don't be incompitent. Fix your website. Add the proper information.
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Missed hunt a tzi tzi yaku between a ballooning problem and one for history book
N.B. I don't know how to edit, can someone add it? Thank you
I'm pretty sure the objective wasn't to kill the tzitzi ya ku, but only to spot it.
that was not a main quest I would know
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Good job! If possible, add more details to the "Big Burly Bash" quest, because it seems kinda incomplete. Thanks!


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I've completely redone the Big Burly Bash page because it truly sucked.