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Just use cheat engine lol
Can be buffed using Carthus Flame Arc with the bow glitch. For those that don't know: equip a bow in your off hand (recurve bow is best, you don't have to have stats to use it), hit L2 to use the weapon art of the bow, roll out of the weapon art but DO NOT release the weapon art button or directional input. Have a spell you can cast selected, roll again, during the roll cast your spell and then immediately swap to CFA, and upon exiting the roll, you should buff the weapon. At pyro stats of 40/40, you should have a pure fire AR of 515.



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The phantom range on this is terrible to go up against, my mage character was slaughtered by a vestige spamming R1 addict using this in like 3 hits in the arena.
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vestiges and the sword are easy to dodge its the chaos fire orb with the blade thats hard to dodge
Says here spellbuff does scale with dex, one of this page must be wrong...
I think I would have liked it if instead of having R2 cast, that it just have a heavy attack. The effect of scaling purely off of Int/Fai is benefit enough.
You gotta beat the demon prince for this weapon. How is this a twink weapon? Someone said it was a twink weapon and i thought to myself "you re a moron"
It seems that you don't know what a twink is...
You can beat the demon prince early at the cost of your sanity.
You can beat the demon prince early at the cost of your sanity.


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the same way dark bead in ds1 is a twink spell