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Table is outdated or outright wrong on several items.

I.e. in game, Winged Knight gauntlets gives 5.5 poise for 6.0 weight


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I fixed a ton of stuff. Should be good now.
The physical, strike, slash, and thrust defenses listed for the pale shade gloves are incorrect. They should be 1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 0.9 respectively


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If only they would rename some armor with their original names unlike their current names with the name of their owner in the game (eg. Lapp's armor should be "heavy knight armor" or something) so it doesnt feel like we're outright stealing them.



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It's not theft if they are dead or if they purposely discarded it anyway.
Anybody else having issues with the sorting? I'm trying to go through the list to make sure I have everything, but none of the columns sort exactly the same as the sorting in-game