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how can I be "send home" by the host? What is this bs? happened 5 times to me (always same host)
edit: as an invader
Black separation crystal can banish you, since description says "sends phantoms back to their
They're disconnecting because casuals are casuals and don't want to deal with invaders
disconnect? Okay, thanks for the answer.
Um, you can't send invaders back using a black crystal.
The ds2 table for cheat engine has a script that allows the black separation Crystal to be used on ALL players. Very annoying but I have only encountered it once.
so cheat it was. Okay.
It may be a cheat but most likely a disconnect but it’s different depending on what message you get.
What tier do I need to be to use it
your level only affects who you meet and if you can't use it try to go to another area. the areas that are red on the bonfire quick travle shows where there are a lot of players.
You can also find a few in Aldia's Keep. You have to light all of the fires, kill the Spirits that spawn when you light one, go back to the bonfire, then get the key because skeleton boi decides he wants to one hit you but also give you Aldia's Key at the same time. The key will unlock the doors to the right, be warned, all of the chests are Mimics. One or two Mimics drop this item (at least for me) and I'm pretty sure a corpse can also be looted for some.
Farming in the duel arena is garbage. If you are
What a *****ing joke you can't even get it back if host disconnect and it's rare as***** now I know why dark souls 2 pvp is inactive
2019 and the pvp is active as hell,don´t be a d0uche
2019 and the pvp is active as hell,you idi0t
2019 and pvp is active as hell,what are you saying?
Im playing in 2020 pvp still active. got invaded 8 times yesterday
2020 pvp is still active.
I actually agree. I am already in Iron Keep and didn't have been invanded by player.
Everyone saying PvP is active is just lying to themselves lol
Played through the game 4 times already, different characters, using agape to manipulate SM so the active areas(orange border) match the areas I'm playing through, and I've been invaded like 5 times total, across all the characters. SL does not help this game at all.
Also lol at the triple-posting guy pretending to be different people.
please revise the titchy gren part as i can buy unlimited amount of this item for 10,000 each in softs at ng++
Can these be given to other players?
If you don't want to use CE, because you don't want to or can't if you're on console this is the best way to farm these: Unpetrify the first hollow (or both if you want herbs and heals) in Aldia's crib and it'll drop 2 ascetics. Burn one of them at the first bonfire and then run back in and kill the hollow(s) to get 2 back. Mirrah nig will always spawn, but all you have to do is step over the threshold to the next area. He'll f-uck off and you can kill the hollows in peace. They should always drop down in the beginning and once you're at the back of the room just walk back to the stairs at the left and they should be there. Kill them and feather/bone out. Rinse and repeat. To get 33 ascetics it took me around 45 minutes, but I also went for the herb outside the mansion. Then go to the bonfire with the giant tree who gives you seeds of giants. From the bonfire jump across the gap, run to the door and up the ladder. WALK, yes walk, along the wall to the very end and pick up the 3 red eye orbs. There's also 1 effigy on the way there, but it can be "risky" picking it up. I'd recommend you walk a little bit further into the item after getting the prompt to pick the eye orbs up. If you have to, dodge the big nigga. Then drop down to the latter and let yourself get killed. That's the easiest way of keeping your souls safe in case you're staying below 40k SM and wanna have some backup souls. Repeat this 33 times and you'll have 99 eye orbs. This whole thing takes around 100-110 minutes. If you have a kind friend you could always only farm like 20 or so orbs and then drop them to your friend, back up your save data and then do it again until he has a full stack that he then drops for you. I don't know how save file management works on 8th gen, but I know you could use USBs for XBox 360. Just unplug the USB before dropping the items, disconnect, reload your save and etc.
Imagine having no friends and using these to finally have some kind of human interaction from your basement.
Did someone get bodied?
Yup some guy got destroyed here.
Beating to a pulp required ahead
Best way to farm them in my opinion would be farming ascetics, then going to the Soldier's Rest bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants. There's a treasure here of 3 cracked red eye orbs. Just use ascetic, grab the orbs and repeat.