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they could have just put a 404 here, not like it would make any difference
And yet it does, sorry this article is too complicated for you
So is 30 best for trades? Or 40.72?
61 for trading
Yes, 30 is your goal. More is better, but if you have at least 30 you're golden.
For info, if you want to use a spreadsheet to calculate your AP, use the formula: a+b+c+d-(ab+ac+ad+bc+bd+cd)/100+(abc+abd+acd+bcd)/10000-abcd/1000000, where abcd are the Poise values of the individual armour pieces. You can extend this for additional items (ring/spear/shield) by adding all terms for e at each level with "+abcde/100000000" at the end, and so on for f, etc but for non-specialty builds the basic abcd formula will usually be sufficient.
other and simpler way to say the same is: -(1-a/100)(1-b/100)(1-c/100)(1-d/100)
and it means that poise works in a multiplicative way instead an additive way
and it means that the way poise stacks is in a multiplicative way instead an additive way
"Worked as intended, working as intended..." intended by who? The same guy who thought an easy mode for sekiro was a good idea? **** off. Poise here is a lazy and sorry attempt to counter the consequence of the stupid idea about mixing dark souls and bloodborne, wich resulted in straight swords, curved swords, daggers (REALLY?), whips, etc... to be more effective than axes, greatswords, halberds, etc. Almost 0 strategy, wich ruins dark souls as a game to think before acting and taking care of a situation step by step, and all "oraoraora" bullsht with "hyper armored" small weapons wich is bloodborne all over again. This is why ds1 AND ds2 are superior, as none of those games gives you everything chewed up like a baby.
They re disliking you just because you mentioned ds2 (wich has the best pvp), that's just stupid...
Poise is still in the game. Enemies have it, you don't.
Me brain hurt, just want to bonk good
Why don't FromSoftware just change the term to "hyperarmour". I miss the good old days where I can just walk with a Havel set without getting staggered T_T
Poise found on mars