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is there a video on how to get to him
He Has a different meeting line when you talk to him already knowing a pyromancy spell
For anyone not sure where, he is near the Cliff Underside bonfire.
Praise the rare friendly character that doesn't die tragically!
I would argue those are the ones who die the most tragic deaths. I'm not going to wear that armour set but I NEED it.
summon cuculus for old demon king fight, if she survives the cornyx set will be next to his cage
Ha! Says you!
he seems to have a special line if you start as pyromancer (or have acquired a pyromancy) by the time you talk to him
Not sure about NG, but in subsequent playthroughs he does give you a pyromancy flame even if you started out as a Pyromancer.
Personality wise, pure downgrade to Laurentius. Of course his quest doesn’t end in a hollowed fight because nobody would care and DS is notorious at giving our favourite NPCs the saddest conclusions possible to enforce the hopeless nature of the world.