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I just unllinked a party member and had him talk to a magister to distract him. Ran the rest of the party west then used teleport. Ez game.
Important for those who like exp.

If you decide to kill Higba after the quest (when you’re outside of driftwood) Be sure to spread out your team!!!! When he’s close to dying he will detonate himself and 100% annihilate everyone near him T-T. And you will get 2000 exp for the kill on The definitive edition. I haven’t tested out anything else, I just got blown up today....
This is a follow up, the range of his detonation is crazy: approximately 10-12m.
I distracted Reed with 1 character. Ran with Higba& other 3 to the west. Reed& Benson followed me(Reed still moved even tho in conversation) Made it across the river to were the golden ring voidwalkin quest was. Party was far ahead of Higba. They caught him,I just stood in place& passed every turn while he fought both of them,blowing up killing all 3. Then I looted all 3 lol Didn't see any exp points after unless I missed it