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Spoilers for late act 4: In my game, Gareth kinda disappeared at some point during act 3; he was present during the Alexander confrontation, I joined him in the fight and he survived, but afterward I don't know where he went. He was absent for almost all of act 4, until I noticed that during the big fight with Dallis and co., there was a "Purged Gareth" among their ranks. Is there any side quest for him that I missed out on? I don't think I missed anything based on the current wiki page/comments.
In act 2, did make him choose the vengeance path or the reconciliation path ?
Same thing. What I did - met him in A2 not in parents' house, but on another place nearby and finished off his wounded friend (and later convinced him to join the ship). Parents alive. I think this story leads to this ending (he was purged later). In previous walkthrough I found him near dead parents, and convinced him to join the ship in the same manner (faith in Lucian, etc, blah blah). In act 4 he stayed on the ship and was not purged, but joined that Mass Prayer.
I've told him to save Jonathan in act 2, and found his burying his parents. Told him to not take revenge and he still ended up as Purged Gareth in the last fight. I tried killing everyone except him but he'll always remain aggressive and you cant even drop combat. Seems to me like if you keep him as your companion until the very end he'll just get purged at the end. It makes sense, Gareth is always quoting Lucian and is a huge follower of his, so when he finally found Lucian, after Lucian explained his plan to him, he surely willingly "sacrificed" himself and gave away his source, which purged him. Much like the option we are presented with, and probably how we would've ended if Braccus wasn't so kind to interrupt the banquet.
If you help Gareth kill Alexander, he becomes 'free' and decides to blow you off. He "disavows you and parts ways." That's it for Gareth then, but I'd rather have him around for later, though he was some small help killing Alexander, though not much. Followed ice with fire spells which negated each other, and had no protection spells so we had to buff/save him. So he could flip us off? Nah, I'm going back to sending him to ship like a good little soldier, since I have high persuasion. Which skill is used is irrelevant if your PER is high enough.
Not rly. Your skill of choice level dictates how high your PER needs to be in order to pass THR check. Max PER base is 5, and failing some skill checks (like when telling Alexandar to give up on Divinity will require you to have 6 PER, soyou have to be careful.
my gareth died after forcing through fire on lady vengeance (dallis hijack)


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In act 3, if you meet Alexandar in the Academy first (by going right, all the way around to the secret entrance), and then go back to the temples, when you get to Tir Cendelius's temple, Gareth is dead; you can talk to his spirit and he says something that doesn't make much sense, probably related to the confrontation you missed. Just something to keep in mind, if you want to have him along in act 4, don't enter the Academy through the hidden entrance before you meet up with him at the temple.
If you summon the Incarnate Champion near Gareth, he gets a speech bubble that says "Um. What is that thing?" I was amused.
Act 4, Gareth is missing. We helped him kill Alexander in Act 3