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When I chose to let him live, he turned ALL the chickens to voidwoken and he turned into a voidwoken DRILLWORM!
lmao u *****ing lying bro
LIES. Also speaking of the Voidwoken Drillworm when I fought it I turned it into a chicken via Chicken Claw and then finished it off pretty easily while it was wandering around.
This quest bugged for me. When I use spirit vision to speak with Big Marge she doesn't give me a quest or anything. And when I went to speak with Magicockerel anyway, the game automatically went for the second option, doesn't let me choose and turns everyone to voidwoken.
Killing Peeper via dialog yield's more exp. 7k Instead of 5k, BUT sparing Peeper and then killing him gives more source orbs, but less loot otherwise.
I think I found a workaround for Peeper getting stuck in locations. What I did whenever he failed to make a transition to another area, was to send everyone _except_ the character he's following, backtracking to the previous area. He would be missing from the area as my party entered, but when I went back up, he would be standing next to his "leader" again.
That worked for me too, thank you!!!
You anon are a life saver!! Cheers
Just how many "Everything's***** and you're only making it worse" quests does this game have, ffs XD
At level 16 the chest had a divine item
***** this chicken, it dies in many fights, he just go where there are fire and poison
I just found a bunch of dark pearls instead of source orbs after killing the void flock. Lame.
Grande Marge doesn't recognize the chick and doesn't tell me anything, she just screams for the chick ...
Magicockerel does not give me the option of killing Peeper, I am forced to fight the Voidwoken ... Can anyone help me? ; -;
You have to speak to Big Marge first, otherwise the dialog option to auto-kill Peeper doesn't show up, defaulting to option 2