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wait if hes weak to ice then how can he be in the hoarfrost reach? honestly thought he woould freeze
Hotsprings. He is initially found in the largest one on the map and usually returns there when weakened.
do you mean in the event quest because he only sleeps in the hot springs in the quest monkey business
This one takes the crown as the hardest monster in the game, right after AT Namielle, and Brute Tigrex.
Im really sad that I dont have in investgation yet for this guy because I really need Rajang heart to make my set complete :(
You don’t get investigations for Furious Rajang.
ya know if you really imagine when your hunter is pulling out a rajang heart it;s just gory. WAIT YOU CAN GET A RAJANG HEART AS A DROP!!!! Honestly how is he still alive?
It's nice that his armor gives defense boost
My smallest was 729.62
Is it a Small Gold Crown? Otherwise it doesn’t really matter. Not that it matters, regardless.