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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

46 billion? BILLION?? Surely that's a typo! I know the collapse was a few hundred years previous to this but this is still essentially a post appocoliptic world. So how the hell can one city, the last and only city on earth, support a population that massive?
Yea totally, so 6x the worlds current population lives in one city? Yea um, no. I think they meant million.
but srsly this story is bonkerz. It reminds me of Dark Souls story bits that never explain anything
but srsly this story is bonkerz. It reminds me of Dark Souls story bits that never explain anything
There is somewhere around 7.2 billion people in the world. So nearly 200 years into the future the population would be much higher and it would be spread out between multiple planets. My point is that 6 billion people in the city is not impossible just not very probable.
There is no overwatch district, who the ***** is 'the mask', you mean the speaker .... right? Grimoire cards aren't even here, and 'guardians are the player characters of destiny' is a definition, not lore. Beautiful site but seriously, has anyone editing this even *****ing played the game????
It's a wiki, stop complaining and add information. Since it is, you know, the whole point of a public wiki.
I agree. This is worse than Wikipedia.
There should be class lore. And more lore in general. Not all of it, but enough to put things together and leave some a mystery.
its too short they dont give enough info
this isnt lore at all. jez havent got anything here that u dont find in the normal story. better off reading the grimore cards
It seem to be more of a basic breakdown of why the guardians are guardians and how they came to be. For more detailed lore you can read all of the grimoire's online. I got the full break down, from the worms to oryx and his children as we know them.
it didn't even talk about crota or fallen houses or even the ghosts
I don't know who made this but from the bottom of my heart thank you
Glitched it's just glitched