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Castielle wrote:
Turius wrote:Hey Castielle, I love this build and was wondering how viable it would be to pair it with the Juggernaut build. I just started a new game with Ifan and I think I want to build him as a Juggernaut and then pick up Fane and build him as an Eternal Warrior. I feel like with the Juggernaut's poison abilities paired with Fane's healing off poison, they could make for a strong frontline. What do you think? It's either that or build Fane as a rogue, which doesn't excite me as much as this build. What 2 other builds would I add to compliment a Juggernaut/Eternal Warrior front-line?

@Turius These work extremely well together so go for it! I would suggest Ranger and Elementalist or Ranger and Terramancer.


Coming back to Divinity and plan on actually beating it for the first time with Switch cross-play. Decided on the group below and love it!

Ifan - Juggernaut
Fane - Eternal Warrior
Lohse - Warden
Red Prince - Occult Flamewielder
Hi @Castielle As a total beginner I cannot thank you enough for all these build guides! I want to go for a dark-style party: Undead Eternal Warrior, Elf Ranger, Human Blood Mage and Dwarf Duelist what do you think? Also, do you think it would be possible to ‘shake’ things up a bit and have another summoner in the group without losing the undead eternal warrior?
I tried Fane as eternal warrior and living armor doesn't work on him, I'm so sad now that Fane is not strong in Act 2 and I can't change to other race because I'm already in Act 2. :(
I should have been use Human or Elf for Eternal warrior then. What do you think I should change?

My party composition is:
Fane - Eternal Warrior,
Lohse - Tidalist,
Sebille - Stormchaser,
Ifan - Ranger/Summoner.
Honestly tidalist and stormchaser works like charm but I've been struggling because of Fane not being able to heal from Living Armor and my party composition can't poison him to keep him alive.
Hi! I'm trying to figure out how your Eternal Warrior has a total of 150 attribute points at level 16, while mine has only 115. Maybe you have much better armor than me but 35 points seems like too big of a difference to be accounted for by armor bonuses. I'm playing the DE on Nintendo Switch in Classic Mode.


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Can i use dual wielding in this build?