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Eviscerator is the best dagger in the game. Unless you want some weird quirk like MP leech for mages or poison with pessklaw but poison is all it's good for. It looks like it has the worst scaling in the game but then you realise damage scaling works from the base damage of the weapon making it have the highest damage in the game at any point of dexterity until maybe super late game where you start putting points to dex past 50 but even then eviscerator is superior due to item buffs on weapons scaling from base damage and if you are that late game you should be using consumable buffs left and right no matter what creed you are in. It also has HP leech on top of all of that although that's only really noticable before you level up too much and get your max health too high.
I think it's dumb that the dagger that requires the biggest investment into Dex has the lowest scaling
In my testing I've found out that the kick attack (1-handed light>heavy) does pure strike damage. This is pretty helpfull for dex builds because it gives them an alternative to guns for dealing with slash resistant enemies.
1handed XXXYY is doing the exact same damage as XXXXX