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Where's my concords you freaking silver knight?
Hardest hitting NPC in the game? Dude hits like a truck
Laughs in firelink shrine uchigatana dude
His hammer is about as heavy as a truck, so that makes sense
i used to think he was just a guy claded in silver knight armor proclaiming himself a silver knight, but nope, he's the real deal
Hey guys. I'm running on low sl but I found alternative for those too lazy to roast in lava; go for the ledge with a corpse to lure him in, roll behind him through one of his attacks and use the force. Praise the gravity!
are you sure you're talking about Ledo? I don't remember there being any lava near him
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you mean Knight Slayer Tsorig. The dude who's swinging the Fume Ultra Greatsword, another ridiculous nuke of a weapon, and spawns right next to a lava pit.
Ledo is in the DLC. You are talking about the guy who invades in catacombs of carthus lake area or whatever.
cant get it to spawn. I'm embered and unhollowed.
You MUST be online as well. If you are playing offline, most NPC invasions will not happen in the DLC.