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So my game glitch while i was in the smouldering lake, playing online and decided to kill myself. (to end the glitch) And once i died i kid you not , i received 3 dark sigils (now my total dark sigil = wft) AND a ''REINFORCED DARK SWORD +99''. Like is it possible to have more than 5 dark sigils and a sword labelled " +99 '' Btw the sword's physical=105+38 Dark=105+110 The game is definitely crazy
that means you were invaded by a hacker
well, prepare to be banned. hacker got you


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same here, the f****r invaded me in the spear of the church boss fight with judicator argo. So were you banned or something ?
And that is why you make backup saves, kids
Same thing happened to me, Invader broke all my equipment and added a couple of swords +50. I got banned 2 days later, then sent a ticket to from soft with a link to my Steam account. Solved it in 2 days, unbanned.
You can have 8 dark sigils for the hollow lord ending
This sword cuts right through my sanity
You can’t beat me ashen one not when I shift into R1 OVERDRIVE
oh hello there! it seems you are trying to look at the comments section of the dark sword from dark souls 3! you can quit while your ahead, there is nothing but autists complaining why this sword is overpowered! trust me, you won't miss out on much!
But this sword was nerfed, in fact you hardly see it anymore since there are just better straight sword options avaible, it's not even good, it's just okay.
thats why im here
Heavy dark sword is good Try to master L2 it can do damage while u recieved predict a hit
Who else wished it was called dark dark sword instead of reinforced dark sword when infused.
I prefeer to spam r2 with this sword rather than that boring r1
I'm sad that this swords dark dark name would never function in my language. In my language it's called "Finsterschwert" and the Gem is called "Dunkler Edelstein" if you infuse the gem into this sword, it'll be a "Dunkles Finsterschwert" which means Dark Darksword but isn't nearly as funny as it's English infusion. Oh German you poor translating language...
Spiel einfach auf englisch du BOB ;)
Wie wäre es mit Finsterfinsterschwert