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I kinda feel like having a second mortal blade was kind of a lame plot device. “Haha, I have one too now.”
Not an exact duplication. Most likely these 2 blades are forged by the same master. They have the opposite powers. One takes life, one gives life.
You only think it's lame because it flew right over your head. It's yin and yang; one ends all forms of life, while the other has the possibility of bringing back/saving life by opening the underworld.
Its like the Death Note Smosh Parody, in where one had a DEATH NOTE and the other one conveniently found a LIFE NOTE.
I think it’s likely that Tomoe had the black mortal blade because we know that she was successful in severing Takeru’s immortality even though in Tomoes note it said that she was unable to get the one in Senpou temple. If she was successful in severing the ties of immortality and she didn’t get the crimson mortal blade she must have got the black one. This can also explain how Genichiro got it. He was Tomoes student and likely was aware of it and was able to inherit from her or something similar.
What I don't understand is how did Owl get his hands on it. He has possession of it during the Shura ending, and the game never explains how Genichiro got it after that point.
If you unlock your camera or watch a video in which someone did, you can see that Owl has the severed head of Genichiro and thus took the Blade from him.
the crimson mortal blade will only allow immortals to wield it, but Owl can hold it just fine. Maybe that's why the black mortal blade is more hidden in the world than the Red, practically anyone can wield it.
correction* owl can wield the Black Blade just fine
Why couldn't they give us the black mortal blade and have the crimson mortal blade to genichiro
the crimson mortal blade allows us to hurt the dragon, it's needed to complete Kuro's task to us.
If genichiro used the crimson blade on us we wont be able to revive, EVER
i really want to know the japanese translation of "open gate" wish it was in this article
開門. 開 is Kai, it means open . 門 is Mon, means a door/entrance.
Why we can't use the black mortal blade? Can we use it by using mods or other characters (Genichiro : Way of Tomoe, Owl) before the game ends or after the game ends? Plzzzzz, someone reply if you know the answer or if you've tried it.
You cannot obtain the black mortal blade.
Owl used this weapon to kill you after you defeated Lady Butterfly, three years ago.
No he didn't. That was his normal sword
This sword is based on kugarasu maru style blade, or little crow. Used around Heian period.