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So. Discord sucks dude. It asked me to verify the account I'm on to chat, I go to do that and it says the account is not in use. So I try to make an account and it tells me that the account is taken. Idk what I did I just wanna play with someone else other than sadness and shots XD
Anyone down for Jolly cooperation and free stuff in DS remastered on switch? Lmk and add me on discord スチームパンク-X0I-ユイ#1975
Can someone help me fight sif early game I wanted to do low level invasions but I need the red eye orb
Never mind
Can someone help me with the 4 kings boss fight for low level invasions
On xbox
can anyone help me defear early hydra so i can do dusk of oocaile? <3
btw im on xbox one (dark souls remastered)
hey need help with the dancer
I want some one to play with blackeychan666 on ps4 please come help
Can anyone help me with gwyn on ps4? My tag is liquide_fox23


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I just got banned from the discord for being 16 years old like thats such a big difference from 18
you're still underage. get over it and wait
I am trying to get a lot of souls before Anor Londo so if anyone is willing to help me that would be very appreciated (am on xbox 1)