Why the hell is there no endgame upadate for any of these builds?... The most content creators are endgame since a week, also the lists are so far from be finished... what a waste of a wiki page for this game.. miss the old fextralife days.
Don’t see your build guides anywhere?


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Just added a build but it refuses to let me attach a build video.
I need a good Katana build
You should update the Starting builds for the endgame, like the agile archer
To build an endgame version of that gear i could from top of my head say use 6 of saika's set including katana golden boy dual blades ryomen sukanas bow matazas piece of armor for 90% movement speed on a kill for mobility yasakani to complete the sets plus give thr 20% bow dmg from dual blades and depending on 2nd accessory is person choice tho i would say shuten dojis gourd for faster amrita gauge run as much untouched ammo as possible min/max all pieces with atk and personal choice
Sadly katanas are the weakest weapon at the End of the list. You get no backstab damage cause the enemy would turn around so fast... and the parry is Useles against yokais and against humans if you fail to parry you get Hit.. Like niho 1 katanas are at the end.. shamefull... cause this should be a samurai game
Why use Warrior of the East for a Thunder Spear build? Or specifically use high and low and not mid stance? Master Archer gives more electric damage, is heavy armor, Master of Spears gives you a spear bonus and Warrior of the West gives bonus to electrified enemy damage (so does Master Archer). Mid stance strong attacks are thrusts which do insane ki damage, have long range plus a mystic art that increase that range.
Not to be rude but are the updated endgame builds coming soon? Or am I just dumb and I missed them?
I’ve been waiting on a dual swords build from him for like 2 weeks I’m starting to think it won’t be coming
Make that 3 weeks
They're not coming out, their builds are not good anyway, you're better off looking up other builds from people who have actually tested stuff and went indepth with late game stuff instead of quickly throwing out half *** builds for views the moment the game came out


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Kusarigama and Odachi build???
Played the Raging Tiger build all the way through end game with the Kintaro armor set and the build worked really well.