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4 pronged plow featuring special guest 5th prong
*4 and a HALF plow
Combine this with the great scythe and harpe to achieve the ultimate farmer build
Simply amazing.
Infuse it with raw, buff it with pyro ****, scratch people's back. Recipe for success.
Got mine with Chaos out here knocking people out with the A-Int/Fth scaling
Yes four prongs. Kind of like we have four fingers and a thumb on each hand. Not five fingers duh...!
A thumb is not a finger.



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I used this to plow through a ton of enemies on my first play through. Said nobody ever.
I did , and god damn I like my back scratcher , it get rid of the salt , the curses , the rotten flesh comming from my ash , and when I infused it with blessed , ... for a second I thought I was the harvesting god
Isn't this from the first Dark Souls? I remember some enemies in the Royal Wood had this weapon and occasionally tripped while using it.
oh I'm arena champ, oh I'm god tier, oh I rock everything even with this weapon, balls of steel baby...oh I'm dead.
if you use four and a half Leo Rings this will do 4.5x counter damage more than normal
You Sure?
What are the lore implications of this?
You’re getting poked with for prongs and one of them is almost broken off therefore it is the equivalent or getting stabbed by 4 knives and a spoon taped together each one receiving that buff it’s simple logic really
Why does this have such good scailing?
harvesting season , I planted salt everywhere , every invasions becomes a harvested person full of salt
Dont know if this is intentional but the undead worker weapons that can be infuses (not the cleaver) have amazing blessed scaling. I was wondering why then it hit me. Its the evangelist, they are teachers the workers and so the blessed infusion is much more potent.
Oh really? I just checked and at 40 faith and base requirements, Blessed has less AR than Raw, as per usual. At 60 Faith it has 19 more AR than Raw and 69 less than Refined at 40/40, while being unbuffable. Amazing scaling right there, very informative and worthwhile.
im glad below decided to post that a *****ing year later lol loser
I’m glad the other anon decided to post something a year later whining about the first replay being a year late lol loser