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On my second playthrough I knew when the last encounter with him would be so I stabbed the piece of **** in his face for all he's done so far. So much sweeter that he got to think he made it to the end of the world only to find out that he might be unbreakable but still bleeds like a pig when his 'best friend' slices him up.
I'm available to talk if you need it, anon
Pate and another npc symbolize him in ds2 if you didn’t know.
It's not just "it me i am patch", it's about how he fell right back to being himself after remembering, and that perhaps it's sometimes better to forget.
Though the reveal was somewhat predictable.
even before that, at each encounter, we can see hint of his habit, in his dialogue and what he does ("found" a treasure ? he set the trap, forgot why, and if we fail, give it anyway), at several point, his voice take some of the diction he has as patch (slightly higher and more acidic), and what he says then is quite specific.

the lesson, in my opinion, is that hollowness only erase the why of the motivations, but do not completely remove the habits, or the identity
patches: i dont like greedy people
everyone: time to kill this bastard