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Okami warrior shizu? Both jumped at the same time and i accidentaly pressed the attack button. Insta kill.
Interesting theory, the Fountainhead palace is the first cycle of dragon blood immortality, the second being the Senpou temple. Both areas are reached via crossing a bridge, and are both guarded by a boss. Senpou temple is filled with maple leaf trees wheres the maples are only found at the bridge of the fountainhead palace while the rest are sakura trees. Palace birthed the divine dragon, Senpou temple birthed the divine child. Is it possible that both dragon and child are created false gods? All roads lead to west, home of the dragon.
Interesting but I don't think the monks on the that temple know what they are doing with the rejuvenating water. It is related to Fountainhead palace maybe because of the water.
This place reminds me of Shrine of Amana from Dark Souls 2. At least Sekiro can swim lol.