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The DS3 version of the Berenike knights.
These ones actually do something
The ones in the cathedral can drop chunks? Wow, farmed them hundreds of times and played through hundreds of times but never once got a chunk from them.
No enemy will drop chunks that early, it’s definitely a lazy error.


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if you want chunks before dancer you'll have to enter Ariandel and farm extensively on Corvian Knights in the Corvian Settlement. they drop Large shards and rarely chunks. Corvian Knights are very nasty enemies though, possibly one of the worse in Ds3.
Screw these guys.



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I spent 2 hours trying to get their helmet using crystal sage's rapier and gold serpent ring +2, I think something's wrong
is titanite shard, not large titanite shard
I think the blue variants drop large titanite while the red variants drop regular titanite
ive gotten all titanite shards, large titanite shards, and titanite chunks from them
the toughest knight enemy in the game.
I recently had a Cathedral Knight in the Cathedral of the Deep (a.k.a. the Red-Cloth version) use Force on me. That was the first time i've ever seen that. Btw, it was the one with a Great Mace that's sitting on a bench towards the end of CotD, i had also killed everything nearby except the Hollows that are also sitting there. I damaged it with a heavy R2 to get huge damage in and make it get up, once it got up it used Force.
UGS Knight is elite and the mace variant is goofy
Reminds me of The Mountain from GoT
I just wish I could pancake these bastards to death