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Battle Tested

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haha doggy
In my first run I killed her in the first try and thought I was lucky, but boy in NG+ I just spam R1 with fire Tonitrus to death. If you keep hitting her right in front of her she misses the attack and you can recover your stammina safe. Easiest boss.
Stupidly easy boss fight. Used fire paper on saw spear and hit her right arm constantly. She puts her head down and go for the viceral. Literally beat her in less than a minute
Yeah, tell me you did that in under 1 min at ng+1 when she has 115000hp instead of 15000.
Oh thaaat's why it feels like I'm hitting her with toothpicks. I'm on NG+ with a +10 Ludwig's blade with fire on it and it looks like I'm giving her a light massage for all the damage it's doing. Gotta change strategy then. Maybe use the burial blade because my saw weapons aren't leveled.
Can kill you in a few seconds, but if you're careful it won't happen. If you hit her with strong attacks or heavy weapons she gets stunned quite a lot.
If she gives you trouble, take the time to do the optional areas nearby, they have more than enough loot to get you a +6 weapon or BMA if you need it. Pthumeru chalice can net you some decent fire gems early on if you're ARC. Either way, she'll be awfully squishy at +6
awfully squishy. heh. i like that phrase
Flamesprayer is an all star here.
How has no one noticed she is screaming "Immigrant Song" by Led Zepplin, yet?
wait for real? i was too busy trying to kill her i didn’t even notice lol